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The Soup Spoon's key ingredient to business growth

28 Aug 2012  •  10 min read

Photo Credits: The Soup Spoon

Owners of local restaurant chain, The Soup Spoon, believe that design is an ingredient that can help take the company to the next level of business growth.

Mr Andrew Chan, co-founder and managing director, said design is not simply a “nice, beautifying project”, but about the space and how one communicates with one’s customers.

Over the 10 years since it was established, The Soup Spoon has made a series of changes that has helped it to improve the efficiency of its employees and in turn, raise customers’ satisfaction.

“We have internalized these (design concepts) and started to add them as part of an overall experience. More importantly, we use them as a form of communication with the consumer... Hopefully they change the way our customers live and eat,” said Mr Chan.

The Soup Spoon is a company that has benefitted from the workshops and seminars organised by the Design Thinking & Innovation Academy (DTIA). The Academy was established by the DesignSingapore Council in 2010 to infuse design thinking in the private and public sectors for productivity, competitiveness and sustainable growth.

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The Business Times

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