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Become a Designer at Any Stage of Your Career

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Apply for the Career Conversion Programme to kickstart your design journey

Do you have ambitions to be the next Hans Wegner, wonder why Changi Airport constantly wins top accolades, or even thought about how GovTech managed to improve the user interface and user experience of the TraceTogether mobile app so quickly?  

If so, know that it is design that makes it possible – and if you are inspired to learn more about it, consider a mid-career switch to this burgeoning industry.  

This is now possible with the design-related Career Conversion Programmes (CCPs) launched by the DesignSingapore Council and Workforce Singapore (WSG).  

Through an on-the-job training model which the CCP encompasses, professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) are able to pick up a new skill to change occupation or industry. Each CCP run also becomes a valuable source of manpower for employers looking to grow their teams.  

There are about 100 CCPs to choose from in Singapore, with three unique to design. These include emerging areas of experience design like User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design, as well as in the classical areas of product design (includes furniture design) and spatial design (includes interior design). 

For instance, the SFIC Institute delivers the CCP for Designers (Furniture and Lifestyle), teaching subjects like materials, the technology of making, PYTHA immersion experience and management of project risks. After the course, PMETs will be qualified to be furniture or interior designers, or project designers.  

For individuals looking for experience design-related job roles (e.g. UX/UI designer, customer experience designer), the CCP for Design Professionals (UX/UI) run by Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy and CCP for Experience Design (UX/UI) offered by Methodology would be most relevant. They will learn UI design, user research, UX design, design thinking and more.  

Since the CCP is meant to enable mid-career PMETs to switch pathways, applicants must have had at least two years of working experience and not be in a similar role prior to registration. They will also need to be hired by a participating employer before undergoing the programme.  

Local companies can also benefit by participating in the CCPs. They should offer a minimum 12-month employment contract to a PMET for a position related to the CCP and put in place a structured, on-the-job training for the candidate.  

They will also receive financial support from WSG to defray costs incurred. Companies can receive up to 70 per cent of course fee funding, and up to 90 per cent of the monthly salary of the employee will be taken care of for the CCP training duration, capped at $6,000 per month. This enhanced level of salary support is for those looking to hire Singaporeans aged 40 and above, or who have been unemployed and actively seeking employment for at least six months. For other eligible candidates, companies can enjoy up to 70 per cent of salary support for these hires, capped at $4,000 per month, for the CCP training duration. 

With the design industry identified as a major growth area in Singapore, there is no better time than now to sign up for a course under the CCP and be ready to embrace the exciting opportunities in the new economy.  

Click here to find out more about the design CCPs or to apply for one.  


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Singapore’s highest honour for designers and designs across all disciplines
One of Asia’s premier design festivals that champions design thought leadership
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