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Scanteak woos the Japanese customer

01 Jul 2013  •  6 min read

Photo Caption: The Prologue Collection 
Photo Credits: Scanteak

Singapore furniture retailer Scanteak and award-winning design outfit Outofstock have collaborated on the Prologue Collection, a new line of furniture dedicated to the Japanese customer.

Co-funded by the Design for Business Innovation Grant (DBIG), the blueprint for Prologue was drafted by Outofstock following an intensive R&D fieldtrip to study the lifestyle and psyche of Japanese consumers. 

The result: furniture that exudes lightness and quiet elegance. Teak is innovatively engineered into pure geometric forms, fashioned in lighter proportions and sporting softer curves. Some of the pieces possess dual functions to achieve space-saving efficiency for small Japanese homesteads. 

The birth of this collection marks the start of Scanteak’s market expansion plans through a design-led R&D approach. Mr Julian Lim, Director of Scanteak Japan, noted that the collaboration has shifted Scanteak into the next phrase: to become more customer-centric; and to respond better to different market needs. 

The Prologue Collection is available exclusively at Scanteak Signature, The Star Vista, B1-14.

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