Interview: Chua Jia Xiang, DesignSingapore scholar

13 Aug 2015  •  10 min read

DesignSingapore scholar Mr Chua Jia Xiang, 28, will pursue a Master of Arts in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom.

What was the project you were proudest to share with the selection panel of the DesignSingapore Scholarship?

My project The Vertical Kampong (see below) was a proposal to improve the relationship between Singaporeans and foreign-born residents. Through evoking the kampong spirit, I hope to introduce the foreign-born residents to the Singaporean identity, ease up any prejudices and enable both groups to bond and live together harmoniously.

When your contemporaries at the Royal College of Art ask you, what would you say is an idiosyncratic Singaporean attitude?

Reserving seats at the hawker centre with a packet of tissue paper.

How do you intend to contribute to Singaporean design?

I hope to set up a design studio and be active in using design to improve Singaporean society.

The Vertical Kampong, The Profile page

EABoost application

Health Promotion Board Milk Campaign, Every Parent Worst Nightmares poster

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