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Better Shop the little drom store

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 Vintage playthings and ephemera, Nordic design and aesthetic, Singaporean 80s icons and nostalgia. These random references have a warm spot in the hearts of Stanley Tan and Antoinette Wong (above). And they all come together at the couple’s the little dröm store. For the adult who never wants to grow up, the whimsical shop is for you.

The “drömkeepers” set up shop in 2010 in a cul-de-sac on Ann Siang Hill, until mounting rentals foisted on them to close eight months ago. the little dröm store re-opened in August this year at the current location in the School of the Arts building.

Craftwork and products by home-grown designers, limited-edition bric-a-brac and jewellery sourced from overseas, selected books and magazines on design, and the little dröm store’s imprint of pins and badges with idiosyncratically Singaporean inflections – all reviewed, curated and adored by Stanley and Antoinette, former art director and graphic designer respectively – are sparkling gifts for friends and visitors to Singapore.

DesignSingapore speaks with the fetching “drömkeepers” on their new little dream shop…

Come to the little dröm store because it has countless dröm (Swedish for “dream”) clouds, and all things inspiring and heartening. We aspire to bring people from all creative walks of life to share their work with everyone.

The standout Singaporean merchandise from the shop are the Strangely Singaporean & Proud Of It series of badges in old-skool designs (above); the Chope! Project, collectibles and publication that draw on the humorous side of Singapore’s kopi tiam (coffee-shop) vernacular (below); and the Playground Series of totes and badges inspired by public playgrounds from the 80s.

The noteworthy international brands from the shop are British designer Donna Wilson who recently created badges exclusive to the little dröm store; Not Tuesday, handmade necklaces by Australian stylist Rachel Wightman (below); and Lullatone, an awesome musical duo based in Japan whose latest CD has the cutest cover-sleeve design.

The emerging designs we are thrilled to discover are Rock & Pebble homeware, toys and paper products by US/UK-based creator and designer Olive Bell; Wood & Lead by Alexa Ong, Singaporean graphic designer and illustrator; and the Letter J Supply by Joanne Lim, Singaporean graphic designer and calligrapher.

Our dream is to collaborate with the Finnish design company Marimekko to create absolutely anything!

Look out for workshops at the little dröm store – we are brainstorming for ideas; the dröm sessions, an interview series with inspiring creative people posted on our website; and dröm pop, a new bi-monthly pop-up at the shop featuring crafters, makers and artists.

the little dröm store, School of the Arts (Sota)
1 Zubir Said Drive, #02-01
Tel: 6884 4651

This is the first in a series of interviews with design shop owners. The shops are in the vicinity of the National Design Centre. Look out for the next story.

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