Design, as ABC

10 Oct 2020  •  10 min read


In this collection of articles, we explore how design can be infused as a core skill, just like literacy and arithmetics.

Bring on the Learning Revolution!
TED talk (2010)

The world is facing a “second climate crisis”: an industrial model of education that dislocates people from their natural talents, warns creative education expert, the recently passed Sir Ken Robinson. In his signature wit, the creative education expert advocates for education systems that are personalised to embrace the diversity of talent — a call that rings true a decade on. Watch the video here.

Can Teachers Think Outside the Box? (2020)

Let’s teach creativity… but what exactly is it? American high school teacher David Cutler chats with creativity expert Professor James Kaufman on this seemingly undefinable concept (It can be defined!) and some ways educators can help nurture it in the classroom. Read the article here.

"Can We Stop Being So KS Already?" On Classrooms, Culture, and Control
Rice Media (2020)

Schools play a vital role in shaping creative students, if they have the right organisational culture. A tale of two classrooms in Singapore offer a glimpse into some of the challenges in injecting design-led creative thinking in general education. Read the article here.

4 C's

Creativity comes in all shapes, and specifically four sizes: mini, little, pro and big. Educators who understand this can better identify and nurture creativity amongst their students. Learn more about this model of creativity from this introductory summary which also links to the original academic essay. Read the article here.

Igniting Joy and Creativity in Classrooms
Singteach (2020)

Believing that play can help foster a joy of learning led teachers from St Hilda’s Primary School to create the Hildan Playscape. The makerspace is where they experiment with infusing structured and unstructured play in learning activities, and successful examples are scaled into the classrooms. The next Design Education Summit taking place on 4 February 2021 will showcase more of such case studies where schools have meaningfully integrate design into education. Read article here.

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