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What impact can Good Design Research make on society?

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Designers dream of changing the world. See how some are starting to. 

Designers are natural problem solvers. They want to make things better for you, me and the world around us. Find out how these designers are doing just that with help from the Good Design Research initiative.

Creating new building blocks of sustainable architecture

In 2020, designer Kevin Lim started on his Good Design Research project to look into how kenaf could be used to create bio-composites for producing architectural tiles like those used for shelters and roofs. Such construction materials are currently made from non-renewable sources that generate carbon, including timber, steel, ceramics and concrete. Kevin shares how his Kenopy project, a play on “kenaf” and “canopy”, has led to new opportunities and.. Read More

Making creative play safe and meaningful for kids

Since launching in 2017, ART-ZOO has brought its experiential inflatable art playground and its adorable cast of characters inspired by animals and plants from Singapore to cities such as Beijing, Kaohsiung and Abu Dhabi. It delighted thousands of children and helped them discover art and…. Read More

Replacing plastic takeaways with better(looking) earth-friendly versions 

As more people eat from home, the plastic waste generated by single-use food containers aggravates plastic pollution in our ocean, harms the planetary health and stresses our waste management systems. How can we transform the convenience mindset ingrained in a throwaway culture… Read More

Keeping artisanal craftsmanship alive in the age of sustainable fashion

After Felicia Toh met several struggling textile artisans across Asia while travelling, the architect decided to start NOST, a loungewear and home goods brand, to create fabrics with them and sustain their heritage crafts. The efforts to bridge these artisans to the market led to NOST’s latest project under the Good Design Research initiative to create a new kind of sustainable textile using pineapple leaf fibre (PALF) yarns and…. Read More

Discovering a beautiful purpose for felled local trees

More than 13,000 trees will be felled in Singapore over the next 13 years, yet these logs are not used by local designers and craftsmen due to the high costs associated with Singapore wood. Sustainable woodworking methods in Singapore are either expensive or not readily available and there is a lack of research and information on local trees. With the support of the Good Design Research initiative, Roger&Sons plans to address this challenge… Read More

Dispelling fast fashion, one “Made in Shop bag at a time

While participating in TaFF’s The Bridge Fashion Incubator, the company developed a new retail concept which could potentially allow them to address the two key challenges of over-manufacturing and the evolution of consumer preferences against traditional brick and… Read More

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