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The DesignSingapore (Dsg) Scholarship is the only scholarship in Singapore for the study of any design discipline. It cultivates the next generation of talents, who may serve their bond in any Singapore-registered company of their choice, and opens doors to more rewarding careers and opportunities to advance the nation’s design industry. 

Since its inception in 2005, the annually awarded scholarship has supported some 70 scholars who have become design leaders powering the industry towards new frontiers. They have made a positive impact on Singapore and the design profession, including transforming organisations to become future-ready, collaborating across disciplines to drive innovation, and nurturing creativity in the next generation

Design skills and capabilities are critical in tackling the increasingly complex challenges faced by Singapore and the world. According to the National Design Industry & Manpower Study 2021/2022, over 17,000 more designers will be required in the local workforce by 2030, particularly those with transdisciplinary capabilities to serve business and innovation  functions in non-design companies.  

Whether you are a student or a professional – trained in design or not at all – the DesignSingapore Scholarship can empower you to become a changemaker and make the world better by design. 

A lot of things are going to become murky and ambiguous. That’s where the challenges are most exciting and there is no one way of looking at the issue. If there is anything design prides itself in, it is exploring problem spaces and reframing the way we look at things from different perspectives.

Matte Lim
A 2023 Dsg Scholar and designer, technologist, and artist

DesignSingapore Scholarship is for:

We are on a lookout for:

Application for the DesignSingapore Scholarship is closed.  

Stay tuned for updates on the next round of applications. For updates, follow our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter using the form located at the bottom of this page.  

Who is eligible? 

  • Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents; 
  • Completed National Service (if you are male); 
  • Successfully gained admission to a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate* design-related programme in a reputable institution in Singapore or overseas. 

*Applicants with at least three years of professional working experience would be considered more favourably. 

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What fields of study can I apply for?

The Dsg Scholarship provides support for one of the widest range of design disciplines. This includes but is not limited to industrial and product design, and visual communication, as well as design research and service design. As the scholarship actively contributes to advancing the future of design in Singapore, programmes that intersect with emerging fields in sustainability, digital technologies, and/or care will be advantageous.

I’ve always aspired to push the boundaries of traditional architecture discipline. Pursuing the field of experimental architecture and digital technology for my Masters can be unnerving. The DesignSingapore Scholarship played a massive part in shaping my confidence to voyage into this challenging yet exciting new territory of architecture.

Mohammed Syafiq bin Hassan Jubri
A 2014 Dsg Scholar and Architect in Heatherwick Studio

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What does the scholarship offer? 

We support your design journey and development holistically. Beyond financial sponsorships – covering tuition fees and allowances for pre-studies, travel, and annual living – you will become a DesignSingapore Associate and gain access to opportunities to grow professionally. These include: 

  • Assignments to contribute to DesignSingapore Council (Dsg) projects and initiatives. 
  • Potential internships with companies through introductions facilitated by Dsg. 
  • Membership into the DesignSingapore Associates Network, a community of like-minded design talents, comprising past and present DesignSingapore Scholars, who network and collaborate to promote Singapore’s design industry. 

Being a DesignSingapore Scholar has been both a confidence booster and an extremely humbling experience. Having provided me with opportunities to interact with design leaders and aspiring young designers, these connections challenged me to push past my own boundaries, building rigor to seek new questions through design.

Shawn Ng
A 2017 Dsg Scholar and Lead Designer in Trigger Design

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What is the bond upon graduation?

Upon graduation, you must be employed in Singapore on a full-time basis in a design-related role with a Singapore-registered company of your preference. The bond period depends on the sponsorship duration of the chosen programme of study, and whether it is based locally or overseas. 

Programme location Sponsorship durationBond Period
Overseas3 to 4 years5 years
< 3 years3 years
Local3 to 4 years3 years
< 3 years2 years

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What are the assessment criteria?

You will be assessed on your:   

  • Potential to contribute to Singapore’s design sector 
  • Potential for creativity and leadership 
  • Achievements, recognition, and experience in design and design thinking 
  • Portfolio or project case studies (originality of concepts, depth of development, exploration of ideas, competency in execution, technical ability, and range of work and skills) 
  • Academic results and co-curricular activities track record 
  • Articulation and persuasion skills 
  • Transdisciplinary design skills, e.g., technical design, strategy and research, non-technical innovation and management skills. 

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What is the application and selection process?

An overview of the application and selection process. 

All applicants must complete an online psychometric test upon the successful submission of their applications through the BrightSparks portal. To progress to the next round, applications must include the full set of mandatory documents and the completed psychometric test. Applicants will be contacted if there are incomplete documents, or if any further clarifications are needed. Failure to meet the stipulated response deadlines, even if the application window is still open, will result in a disqualification of the application and no extensions and appeals will be entertained.   

Shortlisted candidates will attend up to two rounds of selection interviews, between April and June. Successful applicants will be informed after all interviews have been completed. They must attend a scholarship signing session, which usually falls in July or August.  

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified. We reserve the right to not disclose why an application is approved or rejected. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.

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How do I apply?

Submit your application online via the BrightSparks portal*, along with soft copies of the following documents:  


  • Portfolio or project case studies** 
  • Academic records and transcripts 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Letter of admission to institution 
  • Information on the proposed programme of study 
  • Letter of recommendation from two referees specific to the application of this scholarship (Referees cannot be family members or immediate relatives of the applicant). The letter should be addressed to the DesignSingapore Scholarship Secretariat and make a case for your application and how you might contribute to the design sector. 


  • Records of co-curricular activities 
  • Records of awards received 

*We only accept applications through BrightSparks. Submissions via other means, such as email, will not be considered.  

**If you do not have a design portfolio, please submit projects or case studies that showcase your design thinking process and outcomes. 

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How should my submission documents be labelled? 

Please submit all mandatory documents in the following filename format: 

[Full name as per NRIC_Last four characters of NRIC number] Name of document 

For example: 

  • [Mohammed Syafiq Bin Hassan Jubri_123G] Academic records and transcripts 
  • [Alvin Ho_789H] Information on the proposed programme of study 

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More questions?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions, learn about our past and present scholars or send your query to

Application for the DesignSingapore Scholarship is closed.  

Stay tuned for updates on the next round of applications. For updates, follow our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter using the form located at the bottom of this page.  

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