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NDC March 2021: Emotive Design


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01 Mar - 31 Mar 2021
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March 2021: Emotive Design

There is no stronger catalyst for action or memory-making than a strongly felt emotion. When designers recognise this and are able to harness the potential, the outcomes can be powerful. This month, we delve into the realm of emotive design, and uncover how design can engage people on an emotional level, enhance connection, and evoke positive visceral and behavioural responses.


Hungry Design
Date/Time: 5 – 31 Mar 2021, 9am – 9pm daily
Venue: Atrium, Level 1

‘Hungry Design’ implies two things: having a strong desire for food, and/or craving for something else. This theme is deeply emotional and familiar to all of us, as both food and design have strong connections to our lives and form some of the most important foundations of our social interactions. This exhibition showcases more than one hundred unique food packaging designs from Topawards Asia’s spectrum of winners. Visitors will enjoy a glimpse into the myriad possibilities for food&beverage packaging to captivate us through its form, aesthetic, functionality and materiality. See how these outstanding examples of food&beverage packaging from around Asia can offer authentic new experiences. Each of them has a delectable taste and a great story to tell.

Find out more here.

National Vending Gallery: Topic No. 3 Peripheral Vision
Date/Time: 6 Mar – 16 May 2021, 9am – 9pm daily
Venue: Design Gallery 2, Level 2

Topic No. 3 Peripheral Vision presents a collection of “seeing” documented in the print format. These books demonstrate good peripheral vision, where a single subject is seen through multiple divergent lenses – shifting attention to vision that occurs outside typical points of fixation. By enriching observation with imagination, these thoughtful publications inspire readers to unravel common, yet unapparent attributes of everyday life – from socks, prison food, vegetation, the haze, and even stray cats.

Find out more here.

Talks & Workshops

What Are You Hungry For?
Date/Time: 5 Mar 2021, 4pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Online

In accompaniment to the exhibition ‘Hungry Design’, we invite international creators of today’s most influential figures in design to discuss on our main theme “What are you hungry for?“. Join Henry Ho (GTDI), Eisuke Tachikawa (NOSIGNER), Eriko Kawakami (Graphic Designer & Art Director), Jonathan Yuen (Roots), Joshua Breidenbach (Rice Creative), Shun Kawakami (artless Inc) and Selwyn Low (FARM) as we discover how design can evoke our emotions and new possibilities of packaging design.

Find out more here.

Storytelling and Design for Emotions
Date/Time: 11 Mar 2021, 7.30pm – 8.30pm
Venue: Online

How do designers engage with people’s emotions? Storytelling builds connections through action, point of view, and movement through time and space. Writer and curator Ellen Lupton will talk about how we actively experience a poster, a website, or a retail environment. See how designers are building narratives in response to the urgent crises of today. Learn how to use concepts such as the narrative arc, the hero’s journey, and the rule of the threes to encourage emotional responses. Audience interaction will help participants explore the art of narrative. 

Find out more here.

The Look and Feel of Things
Date/Time: 23 Mar 2021. 5pm – 6pm
Venue: Online

How can one use print as a medium to evoke emotional responses from readers? Can thoughtful observations and design better communicate research topics and inspire readers to experience their environments differently? Join a panel of authors and publishers as they share more about the intentions behind their work and their creative approach towards design research and documentation. Learn how design can be used as a tool to transform books into vessels for imagination. This session is an accompaniment to National Vending Gallery: Topic No. 3 Peripheral Vision.

Find out more here.

Crafting Experiences: Stories by Experiential Designers from South-East Asia, #01 – Environmental Graphics & Wayfinding Design
Date/Time: 24 Mar 2021, 6pm – 7.30pm
Venue: Online

What is experiential graphic design? How can it engage human senses and trigger responses to craft unique and memorable experiences? Join SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design) Singapore Chapter for an engaging conversation as we pose these questions to three leading multi-disciplinary design practices from Singapore and Malaysia to learn what inspires and drives their practices and how do they design to trigger emotive responses through experiential graphic and wayfinding design. Hear from Yah-Leng Yu and Arthur Chin (Foreign Policy Studio), William Harald-Wong (William Harald-Wong & Associates/Zakti) and Kelley Cheng (The Press Room).

Find out more here

P*DA X GDPA: Creating a Better World by Design through Delight, Hope & Inspiration
Date/Time: 25 Mar 2021, 4pm – 5.30pm
Venue: Online

Delight, Hope, Inspiration – What do these emotions have to do with design? In a first ever collaboration between the President*s Design Award Singapore (P*DA) and the Golden Pin Design Award Taiwan (GPDA), this webinar brings together award-winning recipients from both countries to discuss and exchange perspectives, drawing on their respective cultures. Hear from Chang Chih-Chyi (SimpleInfo Design), Chang Geng-Hwa (Luxury Logico), Pann Lim (Kinetic Singapore), Tan Kok Hiang (Forum Architects) and moderator Jackson Tan (BLACK) as they discuss how design can be used to evoke emotional responses to create impact and serve a greater purpose. 

Find out more here.

Participatory Design and its Emotive Impact on Singapore and South East Asian Communities
Date/Time: 30 Mar 2021, 5pm – 6pm
Venue: Online

Participatory design evokes emotions and empathy. How might such a process evoke emotions within our communities in Singapore and the South East Asia region? Join Larry Yeung (Participate in Design) and Trecia Lim (WeCreate Studio) as they share their journey of evoking emotions in communities through participatory design in Singapore and the South East Asia Region. 

Find out more here.


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