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NDC February 2021: Design Learning


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01 Feb - 28 Feb 2021
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February 2021: Design Learning

Design and design thinking can be used to help solve today’s increasingly complex problems, like climate change, ailing businesses, ageing populations and more. But how is design being learned? How is an understanding of its value being cultivated? Are design competencies adaptable across design sectors? 

This month we look at a variety of settings – from primary schools to tertiary institutions, from businesses to design studios – to understand the value and possibilities that come with an understanding of, or education in, design. In our uncertain twenty-first century world, design is an ideal tool for cultivating essential communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Join us in February and be inspired!


Collaboration wtih Lifelong Learning Institute 

In line with the NDC’s ‘Design Learning’ programme line-up and the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)’s quarterly theme on ‘Design and Innovation’, Dsg and LLI have come together to profile how design plays an increasingly important role in education, enable businesses to innovate, and share the exciting career and skills training opportunities available. We hope to raise awareness and interest in design, encourage a spirit of continuous learning, and help our students and jobseekers get a headstart in exploring a career in design through the following programmes.

Navigating the Pandemic: Design as a Career
Date/Time: 18 Feb 2021, 2.30pm – 4pm
Venue: Online

Are you looking for ways to stay relevant and seize new career opportunities in this climate of economic uncertainty? Find out how you can plan for a career in design and develop in-demand skills now! Calling all tertiary students, fresh graduates and young working professionals from design and non-design disciplines to join us in this online panel discussion where leaders in the design, tech and other industries share how the design profession is transforming in response to evolving trends. 

Find out more here.

Applying Design in Education – Literacy in the Making: Where Heads, Hearts & Hands Meet 
Date/Time: 24 Feb 2021, 10am – 11.30am
Venue: Online

Have you ever wondered how design can be applied to curriculum and learning delivery in education? Or how we might incorporate design to positively impact the experience of learners? If you are an educator keen to find out the answers to these questions, join us for an interactive and engaging workshop by Maureen Carroll, Ph.D., and Lois Logan, M.S.! They will lead you through a design-based learning experience that combines literacy, social-emotional and making skills! 

Find out more here.

Other Programmes

Design Education Summit
Date/Time: 4 Feb 2021, 9am – 5pm
Venue: Online

Organised in partnership with the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre, the DEST is a key platform for educators and industry professionals to learn, network and co-develop ideas on the adoption of design in education. This convening platform is part of the Design Industry Manpower Plan, an overarching talent development plan that cuts across the entire learning continuum.

Find out more here.

Side Steppers
Date/Time: 24 Feb 2021
Online Video Series

How broadly can a designer’s mindset be applied across different design sectors? Discover the endless possibilities that come with a design education through Side Steppers – a new video series presented by the NDC. Hear from design-educated practitioners who have successfully pivoted to start new creative businesses outside of their core discipline of training.


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Singapore’s highest honour for designers and designs across all disciplines
One of Asia’s premier design festivals that champions design thought leadership
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