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NDC April 2022


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01 Apr - 30 Apr 2022
09:00 AM - 09:00 PM
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National Design Centre

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Le Corbusier 101
Date/Time: 14 Apr 2022 – 8 May 2022, 9am – 9pm
Venue: Atrium, Level 1

The largest showing of his works in Singapore to date, this exhibition showcases over 100 models of Le Corbusier’s work from the private collection of RT+Q Architects, with furniture and prints from the private collections of Manuel Der Hagopian and Peter Tay Studio. Don’t miss this chance to witness the evolution of Le Corbusier’s mastery over space and time, and learn more about arguably the most versatile architect of the 20th century.

Find out more here.

Good Design Research: Age Together
Date/Time: 15 Apr 2022 – 10 May 2022, 9am – 9pm
Venue: Pop-up Gallery, Level 1

In this new chapter of the Good Design Research showcase, transdisciplinary firm STUCK demonstrates a human-centric approach in design for ageing by reframing the idea of “helping the elderly” to “providing choices”. See how home elements in senior living communities can be designed to nudge seniors to open up and connect with others – all while maintaining personal choice and autonomy.

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Talks & Workshops

Studio SML Sessions: A Match Made in Design
Date/Time: 19 April, 5pm – 6.30pm
Venue: Online

Studio SML is back with another Sessions episode. This time, three husband-and-wife design teams Plystudio Architects, branding and creative agency OuterEdit and design office Studio Juju chat about their joint journeys in architecture, graphic, experience, industrial and product design. So is 2 better than 1? Tune in to find out.

Find out more here.

Crafting Experiences: Stories by Experiential Designers from SEAsia on Digital Placemaking
Date/Time: 28 April, 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Venue: Online

In the fourth talk of the quarterly series presented by the Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) Singapore Chapter, three multi-faceted practices from Singapore and Canada discuss digital placemaking, immersive design and the use of digital tools for multi-sensorial spatial experiences. Learn how these creatives are using a mix of traditional and digital tools to create new placemaking opportunities and experiences to engage their audience.

Find out more here.

Studio SML: New podcast out now
Date/Time: Ongoing
Venue: Online

This month, the online repository documents the design stories of OuterEdit and Plystudio Architects. Ryan and Shermeen of OuterEdit share how they went from a t-shirt printing company to working on huge, impactful campaigns like Street of Clans and Passion Made Possible. Jacqueline and Victor of Plystudio Artchitects discuss their modular methods which allowed them to scale their work to handle projects beyond their size. They also chat about their penchant for community outreach projects which are more meaningful. Have a listen on Spotify.

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