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03 Oct - 25 Nov 2022
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1. Background

As a way of promoting the future development of Taiwan’s digital industry, the Ideathon invites everyone to imagine what their life might look like in the future.
The objective is to gather a collection of innovative ideas from the general public and, in the spirit of open government, build on them to influence policy formulation and promote industrial development. This event will be held annually to encourage citizen engagement and achieve our vision of co-creation by and inclusion of all.

2. Submission Theme

The theme of the Ideathon is WeWe Futures : 2040 Plurality.
This year’s theme uses the perspective of a pluralistic metaverse to explore the imaginings and expectations that people of different generations, regions, and nationalities have for their life in 2040. Each participant can decide their own space and what they want to do, whether as an individual or a group, in virtual or real-world, and involving environmental, social, or economic changes, to formulate ideas about various aspects of life in the future, such as housing, transportation, food, community, and communication. You can also escape from reality and enter a different world or metaverse to create a brand-new future wherein pluralistic dreams and ideas continuously and harmoniously coexist. We embrace all possibilities and bestow meaning upon all choices, so that all of us
can live in growing anticipation of our co-imagined future (WeWe Futures).

3. Application Eligibility

Everyone, irrespective of age or nationality.

4. Submitted Content

Two types of submission can be entered for this competition.

(1).Future News (for Individuals): Events and news reports published from a third-person point of view, set in the year 2040.
(2).Future Prototypes (for Groups): Design concepts developed for new technologies in 2040 yet to be in mass production based on application scenarios of that time.

Future News Submissions (for Individuals)

(1).Submissions will be accepted from October 3, 2022 (Monday) until 17:00 on November 4 (Friday).
(2).Content: Imagine the future as it has been shaped by the environment, society, economy, technology, politics, or other trends, and write a news report from the third-person point of view to describe major events or new lifestyles that may occur in 2040 that constructs a clear picture of the
world as it exists then.
(3).Submissions can be in any form, including images, video, text, and multimedia.
(4).Submission Process : Fill in the online registration form ( and submit your work by the deadline to complete your application.
(5). Number of submissions: Submissions are considered individually. There are no limits on the number of submissions allowed.
• Participation Award: Each participant will receive a limited-edition certificate, and 50–200 participation prizes will be awarded based on random draw (the number of prizes will be increased based on the total number of submissions).
• Future Insight Award: 10 people will be selected to receive a limited-edition certificate and a gift.
(7).Evaluation criteria:
• Ten participants will be selected for the Future Insight Award (see Appendix 1-1 for a list of judges). Award winners will be selected based on the evaluation criteria, which include the futuristic features, creativity, and presentation of the work.

Future Prototype Submissions (for Groups)

(1).Submissions will be accepted from October 31, 2022 (Monday) until 17:00 on November 25 (Friday).
(2).Content: A prototype of a future design concept for all types of contexts for the year 2040, including but not limited to tangible products, spaces, living beings or intangible services, mechanisms, etc.
(3).Submissions must contain the following:
• Proposal summary: Title/subject (<20 characters) and overview (<200 characters) of your proposal.
• Concept diagram: At least one key image (png/jpg file with a resolution of 300 dpi).
• Proposal content: Unlimited—conceptual images and texts, presentations, multimedia, interactive content, etc.
(4). Submission Process:
• One representing team member will register an account on the event website.
• Fill in the submission content in the order as shown on the submission page, including a description of your proposal, concept images, and hyperlink to the proposal content.
• Submissions can only be entered by a team of 2–10 people.
There are no limits to the number of submissions allowed.
• Only proposals for works not yet produced or sold on the market and will not be implemented before award presentation ceremony will be accepted.
(6). Awards:
• Participation Award: Each participant will receive a limited-edition certificate
• Ten teams will be nominated (see Appendix 1-1 for the list of judges) for the Team Award; each nominee will receive a limitededition certificate and a gift. (If the team wins the Grand Jury Prize, nominated certificates and gifts will not be provided.)
• Five teams will be selected by public voting to win the Grand Jury Award (see Appendix 1-2 for the list of judges). Each person will receive a certificate, a grand prize, and the opportunity to apply and develop their work (including but not limited to Future Scenario videos, curation, or other design applications).
(7).Evaluation criteria:
• For the Team Award, the judges will review the proposals and nominate works based on the following evaluation criteria:

Creativity: An attempt to break free from the limitations of reality and explore future possibilities.
Quality: The diversity, clarity, and richness of the content.
Impact: The potential impact on future society and commercialvalue of the content.

※After the Future Prototype concept designs have been selected, the 10 nominated teams will enter the next stage (guidance) and work with a team of experts to create their final work in expanding their concept to co-create a metaverse experience. In principle, 10 teams will be nominated as finalists.
The actual list and number of finalists will be determined at the organizers’discretion and resolved in a consensus meeting with the judges.

Jury Selection(80%)

Creativity: An attempt to break free from the limitations of reality and explore future possibilities.
Quality: The diversity, clarity, and richness of the content.
Impact: The potential impact on future society and commercialvalue of the content.

Public Vote(20%)

Quadratic Voting: Scores will be calculated by multiplying votes by 10, where the number of votes is the square root of the number of public votes received.

※Five winning teams will be selected from the ten finalist teams by the judges and the general public through quadratic voting, each receiving a Grand Jury Award. Given that the final winning teams will be selected by foreign judges, if a finalist’s work is in Chinese, the organizer will have it translated into English, and the participant will submit their work in both Chinese and English on the website.


Taiwan Design Research Institute

Design is taking the world by storm. It plays an increasingly important role in the economy, culture, and society of a country. Meanwhile, more and more industries are treating design as a core competitive advantage. With this in mind, the government is establishing the “Taiwan Design Research Institute” (TDRI) in 2020. The aim of this project is to capitalize on Taiwan’s strengths in design to drive industrial development and the overall economic growth. The TDRI plans to consolidate public resources from a wide range of government agencies with “the power of design,” promoting design as a central governance value and as a national defense strategy. The Institute is expected to guide the sustainable development of industries and society, which should in turn improve the living quality of the general public. It can assist the government in making national design policy and increasing governance efficiency. In addition, through an integrated interdisciplinary approach, the Institute will introduce design-based thinking into government administration, drive talent cultivation in the private sector, and build businesses that lead the design industry.


Name: Hsin Yi HSIEH

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