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Design by Accident

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  • Date and Time
    Date and Time
16 August 2023
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Location

National Design Centre, Level 2 Auditorium
111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969

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During this thought-provoking discussion, our esteemed panel of experts, comprising innovators, designers, and academics, will share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on the power of embracing unpredictability and embracing the unexpected in the creative process.

Exploring how experimentation, failure and the perfect mistake can be catalysts for growth and innovation. This conversation brings together senior leaders at the intersection of design, education, entrepreneurship and future thinking. 

Topics covered include:

Redefining Perfection
The panelists will discuss the prevailing notion of perfection and its impact on design processes. They will explore how perfectionism can hinder creativity, stifle innovation, and limit the potential for unique solutions.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation
Panelists will share personal experiences and success stories where design failures led to insights, inventions or improved societal outcomes. We will explore learning environments, culture and leadership that encourages growth, resilience and innovation. 

Designing for Accidents
How can we cultivate an environment that encourages accidental discoveries? What role does intuition play in recognizing and harnessing accidental design? Can we intentionally design for accidents? And how can we embrace failure as a valuable stepping stone towards new possibilities?

Designing for the Future
The panelists will discuss a future where innovation is not hindered by fear of failure, but rather fuelled by the prospect of discovering the unexpected. They will discuss potential methodologies, tools, resources and frameworks that can help designers and design thinkers embrace imperfection. 

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of accidental design and celebrate the beauty that emerges when creativity meets chance. Let us open our minds to the limitless potential of happy accidents and discover the uncharted territories where innovation awaits us. 

From May 18 to August 26, 2023 GIFFEST III showcases over 50 emerging and professional artists from Singapore and overseas pushing the boundaries of the GIF, experimenting with various modern technologies. 

Programming includes inspiring workshops, talks, and a panel discussion curated by GOFY, sparking conversations on imperfection. 

Presented by EYEYAH!, this year’s theme is IMPERFECT, celebrating the beauty in flaws. 

Supported by the DesignSingapore Council and the National Design Centre.
GIFFEST III: IMPERFECT is located at the National Design Centre, Level 1 Atrium, running till 26 August 2023. Find out more about the showcase here.


Tanya Wilson Chua, co-founder EYEYAH!, GIFFEST.

Tanya has 20 years’ experience curating content creation and managing large-scale collaborations between a global network of creatives and the likes of Netflix, Meta and Nike. Originally from UK, Tanya started her career in PR and events. She was headhunted to Singapore to launch a global brand campaign for Tiger Beer. Today, Tanya pioneers visual communications that infiltrates education, culture and builds communities. An avid observer of people and behaviours, Tanya has run experiential activations across the world, ranging from music concerts in Phnom Penh, to art exhibitions for children in Singapore and Shanghai. She has also developed her own branded properties such as ‘GIFFEST’, a biannual celebration of creativity and motion graphic. Tanya’s latest project is a multi-faceted edutainment brand that extends into publishing, education, fashion and retail. EYEYAH! bridges her love for education with her knowledge of visual communication, to deliver cutting-edge creativity to school children around the world. 


Low Chen Nyeow

Low Chen is a Senior Design Engineer from Dyson, a member of the hair care team in Singapore. She joined Dyson in August 2018 as a Graduate Design Engineer. Low Chen’s first project is the Dyson Corrale, followed by professional filter for the Dyson Supersonic. She is also part of the team that designed and developed the Dyson Airstrait™ Straightener, Dyson’s latest hair care launch, specifically in the area of style performance and user comfort.

Dr Tamas Makany

Dr. Tamas Makany is a design researcher and educator interested in how people use technology to learn, communicate, and play. Specifically, his current research focuses on conversational design, digital innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is an Associate Professor of Communication Management at the Singapore Management University, Lee Kong Chian School of Business. At SMU, Tamas teaches user experience, design thinking, and product innovation based on his decade-long industry experience at Silicon Valley companies such as Netflix, Microsoft, and several start-ups. He received his Ph.D. from Southampton University and was a post-doctoral visiting researcher at Stanford. Tamas mentors start-ups in Singapore and around the globe on how to grow and design better products through consumer insights. He is also an active contributor to local design groups, such as the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) and the Singapore Design Education Advisory Committee (DEAC).

Dr Rajesh Elara Mohan

Dr. Mohan is currently a Provost Chair Professor with the Engineering Product Development Pillar at Singapore University of Technology and Design. He is a co-founder of Lionsbot, a Singapore-headquartered robotics company which designs and manufactures autonomous cleaning robots for global deployments. Dr. Mohan received his Ph.D. and M.Sc degrees from the Nanyang Technological University. His research interests are in robotics with an emphasis on reconfigurable platforms as well as research problems related to robot ergonomics and autonomous systems. He has published more than 150 papers in leading journals, books, and conferences. Dr. Mohan is currently serving as an Associate Editor of the IEEE Robotics & Automation Letters and IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine. He is the recipient of the SG Mark Design, ASEE Best of Design in Engineering Award, IDA Design Award, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award and A’ Design award. Dr. Mohan has served in various positions of organizing and technical committees of several international competitions and conferences.

Mark Wee

Mark Wee is an artist, architect, and educator. He was previously the Executive Director of the DesignSingapore Council from 2018-2022. In June 2023, Mark co-founded the Designing Your Life Institute (DYLI). Mark is also the Managing Director SEA of MINIWIZ, a global pioneer in transforming single use consumer trash into high quality sustainable building solutions. Mark passionately believes that good design can change the world, and that creativity is the key to Singapore’s future. 

Joanne Teh

Joanne is an innovation strategist who has a strong foundation in human-centred design, technology, product development and management. As the Assistant Director, she manages IMDA’s PIXEL Innovation Hub, a leading launchpad in Southeast Asia for scaling corporate innovation and startups. Committed to making innovation accessible, Joanne drives initiatives that accelerate the pace of innovation for industries in the convergence of technology, media, and design. Her exceptional relationship-building skills have birthed partnerships, the latest being the AWS–IMDA Joint Innovation Centre @ PIXEL. It showcases the latest technologies and offers innovation methodologies for successful adoption and deployment.

During her last portfolio at DesignSingapore Council, she spearheaded numerous projects including the Design Industry Manpower plan. With her dedication towards nurturing the next generation of design leaders, she led the development of thought leadership platforms like the Design Education Summit and informal learning platforms like the School of X to solve real-world challenges.



EYEYAH! is an educational platform that uses creativity to inspire social change. By tackling hot topics such as internet addiction, healthy eating and environmental issues, with cutting edge artists and illustrators. Please visit for more information.


Name: Tanya Wilson Chua

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