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Biomimicry Design Toolkit Launch & Panel Discussion

Biomimicry Design

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  • Date and Time
    Date and Time
20 Apr 2023
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Location

National Design Centre, Auditorium (Level 2)
111 Middle Rd
Singapore 188969

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    Event Fee



How can solutions from nature reduce energy used to cool a building’s interior spaces in the tropics? Learn more about bioSEA’s newly launched Biomimicry Design Toolkit, created with the support of the Good Design Research initiative.


Efforts to cool the world down are a double-edged sword releasing close to a whopping 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

So, how can the indoor climate be regulated while ensuring emissions are minimised?

Cue: Biomimicry, the practice to mirror strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges.

In nature, the ‘skins’ of organisms, the largest interface between the external and internal environment, facilitate such thermoregulation.

Architectural facades act like the ‘skins’ of organisms and can be used to facilitate cooling a building’s interior spaces.

Join us in the launch of our Biomimicry Design Toolkit and explore how to integrate biomimetic principles into green building design.

The launch will be followed by a panel discussion that brings a diverse set of experts and practitioners in this field.

This session is recommended for mid-level and senior representatives and experts seeking innovative ways to develop sustainable built environments.

As seats are limited, register by Friday 14 April.

About Good Design Research

Launched in March 2020 in the middle of a pandemic year, Good Design Research (GDR) underscores the importance of how design backed by deep research can make a true difference by building deep domain knowledge and solving the challenges faced by societies and cities. This initiative empowers designers and design enterprises in Singapore to find their unique value proposition in designing for impact through research and experimentation, supported by a wide network of knowledge partners.

To find out more about GDR, please click here.



Specializing in ecological and biomimicry design, bioSEA works with urban planners, architects, and landscape professionals, ecologists and conservationists to assess, protect and drive sustainability for the blue & green systems in the built environment.

Services include biodiversity assessments, ecological and conservation planning, ecosystem services mapping, and biomimicry consulting services. Routine workshops and design charettes are also conducted for professionals and students to mainstream ecological thinking and biomimicry practice in the design of the built environment. For more information, visit

In 2021, bioSEA was a recipient of the Good Design Research initiative and developed The Biomimicry Design Toolkit, a project supported by DesignSingapore Council.


Name: bioSEA

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