The [Not-So] Convenience Store



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25 Jan - 30 Mar 2021

09:00 AM - 09:00 PM


Pop-up Gallery, Level 1 (#01-01)

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The world has a waste problem and it’s snowballing. Globally, the volume of waste exceeds 2 billion tonnes every year. Singapore alone generated 7.23 million tonnes of solid waste in 2019, enough to fill more than 14,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The numbers are daunting but what if a little trouble on our part can make a big difference? Filled with sustainable alternatives to everyday items that may be more bothersome to use yet better for the Earth, The [Not-So] Convenience Store gently nudges us away from the culture of convenience and its resultant waste.

First commissioned by Temasek Shophouse in 2019, this sophomore edition of the store will be at National Design Centre for a 9-week run.

Presented by Kinetic Singapore, supported by Temasek Shophouse and DesignSingapore Council. Hosted at the National Design Centre.
This event is part of the National Design Centre's "Sustainability & Design" programme line-up for January 2021.

About Temasek Shophouse
Temasek Shophouse is a social impact hub that seeks to encourage, enhance and elevate initiatives and activities that contribute towards the common good.

About Kinetic Singapore
Kinetic Singapore is a fully independent creative agency, and a fierce champion of local talent. Over the past 21 years, their work have proved that creativity trumps size, putting our little red dot on the world map with over 500 awards and counting.

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