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Step into EDB's new reception

24 Apr 2014  •  7 min read

The Economic Development Board (EDB) Singapore, commissioned &Larry (collaborating with lead interior design consultant HASSELL Singapore) to create a branding experience for its reception area in Raffles City. To capture the hearts and minds of visitors, clients and staff, the Singaporean design studio adapted the narratives of Singapore’s global-Asia confluence, the Singapore Story as well as the EDB heritage – with exceptional innovation and ingenuity. Take a tour of the space and experience the story-telling in this exclusive DesignSingapore photo gallery.

Reception Lounge and Digital Wall: Dark wood, soft carpet, bookshelves and indoor plants impart the ambience of a home. A selection of made-in-Singapore products, literature and ambient music gives visitors a snapshot of Singaporean creativity. A digital wall that “live-streams” visitor arrival and departure at Changi Airport; and Internet traffic data.

Partnership Hall of Fame and Press Room: Gifts and artefacts from global partners are displayed in a showcase. In the press room is a relief wall showing EDB’s milestones.

“Future Ready” Meeting Rooms: The meeting rooms are identified from year 2012 – and beyond.

Casting a Global Light: An assembly of cans (recalling toys from the past), each representing an EDB outpost, lights up a counter etched with the world map. The installation is a metaphor for EDB communicating and extending to people and partners globally.

Science of Life: This installation, a fusion of the western periodic table and the traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, alludes to Singapore’s unique geographic location as a global-Asia confluence. Flash cards placed in the drawers, each card showing a chemical element that communicates EDB’s successful partnership, denote the progress in science and technology.

Photography: &Larry (

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