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Interview: Sheryl Yap Sze Ling, DesignSingapore scholar

15 Aug 2015  •  10 min read

DesignSingapore scholar Ms Sheryl Yap Sze Ling, 20, will pursue a Bachelor’ degree in Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design, California, USA.

What was the project you were proudest to share with the selection panel of the DesignSingapore Scholarship?

My final-year diploma project The Art of The Quest of Chloe. I wanted to tell a story dear to my heart: issues confronting the adolescent such as growing up and self-actualisation. The project takes the form of a conceptual art book. I designed and executed the elements in the book, such as props, character development and settings. It was a challenge that eventually opened many doors for me, including the opportunity to study at Art Center College of Design.

When your contemporaries at Art Center College of Design ask you, what would you say is representative of Singaporean design?

The Singapore’s public transport operator SBS Transit, which manages a large part of Singapore’s bus system. The company operates many different bus routes and bus services. All are interlinked with one another, making travelling around Singapore easy and convenient for everyone.

How do you intend to contribute to Singaporean design?

I hope to join Lucasfilm. I hope to create stories that can be exported internationally so as to develop and contribute to the exponential growth of Singapore’s entertainment design industry.

Illustration project, The Art of The Quest of Chloe

Illustration project, DESIGNOLOGY!

Tactile project, Junk In The Trunk

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