The Rise of the "East"

28 Feb 2021  •  10 min read


In this collection of articles, we go East to China, India, South Korea and Indonesia to learn about the diverse design scenes and what is propelling their growth. It is an exciting time for design in Asia, and we seek to clarify what it means to be Asian in the design world, in all its history, currency, and power.

China is fast becoming the world's creative superpower
Marcus Fairs, Dezeen

From the rise of consumer electronics brand Huawei to video-sharing social network TikTok, China is overtaking the traditional powerhouses of design, says Dezeen’s editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs. He points to the growing presence of Chinese designers around the world and demand within the country for designer products. While a distinct Chinese design identity has yet to emerge, it is only a matter of time. Read the article here.

How the K-Wave Hit Seoul's Design Scene
Hannah Martin, Architectural Digest

Coming on the heels of K-drama and K-pop is the rise of Korean design over the last decade. Seoul has become the cradle for a new generation of experimental art-designers. While the first wave began by reinterpreting Korea’s traditional crafts, the next generation are looking ahead and redefining what “Korean design” means. Read the article here.

"A land of opportunity when it comes to design": an Indian design guide
Molly Long, Design Week

In a country of 1.3 billion who speak almost 20,000 languages, it is no surprise that design in India is just as varied. Although the country with a long tradition of craft only formalised a design industry in the 1950s with industrialisation, design has since found its way into India’s society, culture and even politics. Read the article here.

Ridwan Kamil Exclusive: Bandung's Pride and Joy
Banyubening Prieta, Indonesian Design

Since becoming mayor in 2013, architect and urban planner Ridwan Kamil has transformed the Indonesian city of Bandung by design. He shares why the city is developing a creative economy, involving the citizens in designing public spaces and what Bandung could look like in 2045. Read the article here.

The Singaporean Designer Who Revolutionised Printer Matter
Bianca Husodo, T Singapore

The godfather of graphic design in Singapore, Theseus Chan, reflects on over two decades of experimenting with design and printing via his self-published magazine WERK. He believes the pandemic has changed the world fundamentally, heralding a “watershed moment where the world is handed over to the millennials and Gen Z.” Read the article here.

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