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31 Jan 2021  •  10 min read


In this collection of articles, we examine the ways design is both professional and personal. Such an understanding will become more vital in an increasingly uncertain world where disruption has become the norm.

How to drive social change with design
Creative Bloq

Airbnb would never have been initiated by the hospitality industry. Nor would an eco-friendly smartphone such as FairPhone emerge from traditional manufacturers. But they are products of designers that show how the profession can make a social impact as “outsiders” says Richard van der Laken who co-founded the “What Design Can Do” conference. In this 2015 essay, he calls on the profession to seize the day in the Age of the Designer. Read the article here.

What does it actually mean to create "inclusive solutions"?
Aditi Kazanchi, UXDesign

Inclusivity is not about designing for people with disabilities nor does it necessarily result in universal design, says Microsoft designer Aditi Khazanchi. Creating inclusive solutions means designers must work with those who are most excluded from the experience so as to create designs that are accessible in a variety of ways. Read the article here.

UISDC Talk: What do you think of the designer's 35-year-old midlife crisis?

Spend two weeks in the mountains or launch a pet project—six mid-career designers share how they reignited their passion for their profession and keep relevant in an ever-changing industry. Read the article here.

90 minutes with Calvin Soh and I was #mindblown: Growth mindset and exponential age
Unscrambled SG

Instead of fussing over his children’s grades, Calvin Soh is getting them to give public presentations and launch Kickstarter projects—or what the former creative director calls “Life Skills CV”. Soh believes education today should prepare children to be adaptable, critical and eager to learn so as to excel in a future where the only certainty is change. Read the article here.

[Design Education Summit] Stories on the Transformation of Education through Design

Flying paper planes? A game for generating ideas? Free play in the classroom? Designing their own board games? Four local schools and enterprises have returned joy into learning by design and achieving real-world impact. Read the article here.

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