Design Riding the Digital Wave

15 Oct 2020  •  10 min read


In this collection of articles, we explore the impact of digitalisation and how design education can rise to best equip our next generation.

The Rise of the Digital Economy: What it is and Why it Matters for Singapore
Channel News Asia (2020)

Just as our lives have become increasingly oriented around digital technologies, from smartphones to the internet, so has the Singapore economy. The march to becoming a Smart Nation brings opportunities and challenges for the nation’s workforce, including the design profession. Read the article here.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Fast-Tracking Digital Transformation in Companies
Forbes (2020)

Virtual events, working from home and learning going online — businesses and schools are accelerating their digital transformations because of the pandemic. How can designers ride on these changes to dream up innovative solutions to help businesses and organisations thrive in a post-Covid world? Read the article here.

How Digitisation is Changing Work in Sports Fashion Design (2018)

While digital technologies may not replace designers, the profession needs to become familiar with them to survive. An expert from the sports fashion industry shares seven ways designers must respond to the ongoing digital transformation, and how design education could support them. Read the article here.

What Digitalisation means for Universities
Global Focus (2020)

Schools going digital is more than moving lessons online, says the President of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Instead, digitalisation empowers educators to reshape how they teach, including providing personalised coaching and build a stronger culture of feedback, amongst other opportunities. Read the article here.

What is Instagram's Place in Design Education?
Aiga Eye on Design (2019)

Beyond encouraging mindless scrolling and self-promotion, social media platform can make a positive impact on the education of designers. Three design educators reflect on how Instagram has changed the way they teach, including helping them connect with their students and opening their eyes to what global design truly is. Read article here.

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