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We understand how challenging it can be to produce creative work and run a business at the same time. As a design firm, you also play an important role in providing creative services and solutions that enable your clients to gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving world.

To support you in your day-to-day operations, the DesignSingapore Council has put together a panel of aggregated service providers who are offering all design firms in Singapore preferential rates for the following services that are 20% to 50% lower than their usual rates. With the current business environment, we hope this will supporting you in carrying out core functions of your business, while reducing operating costs. This will help strengthen your firm's competitiveness

Types of services:

The services available are:

1. Accounting

Accounting services are often critical to design firms as they help design firms to focus on building their business. Tapping on accounting services also allows design firms to outsource the managing of their account receivables and payables, filing their yearly returns and other accounting-related needs.

2. Corporate secretariat

Having a corporate secretariat function is essential when designers intend to start their own practice. Corporate compliance processes may be tedious and challenging when setting up and maintaining a business. By tapping on to a corporate secretariat services, design firms can ease their administrative burdens and allow them to focus on their core business functions.

3. Digital Marketing

In the current business environment, there is an ever-increasing need for design firms to strengthen their engagement and outreach to both existing and potential clients through social media channels. Design firms can do so by either strengthening in-house digital marketing efforts, or by tapping on digital marketing services such as creating a social media strategy to reach out to their target audience.

4. Human resources (HR)

Human resource services play a key role in developing and reinforcing the values of a design firm regardless of its size. It is critical for design firms to develop values in performance management, payroll outsourcing, recruitment, training and development and ensuring all statutory requirements are met . Design firms can tap on human resource services or digital human resources platforms. Alternatively, design firms can strength the skills of their in-house human resource personnel through training and development.

5. Intellectual Property Management

As a producer of original and creative works, it is important for design firms to protect their designs. Design firms may not be familiar with their intellectual property and legal rights. By tapping on intellectual property services, design firms can file their creative works and seek advice on legal implications that may arise in the future.

6. Public Relations

In the current business environment, tapping on public relations services  is an alternative way to reach a targeted audience for design firms, such as trade media publications. With the assistance of the public relation providers, design firms can promote their brand, product or services to their target audience.


7. Brand Strategy

Branding is crucial when it comes to making your design firm and even your offerings stand out in a crowded market.  Implementing the right brand strategy will bring your competitive positioning to life for better performance of your company.

Other Resources

DesignSingapore Council has also complied a directory of services that are relevant to design firms. You may tap these existing services in Finance, HR, Business Insights, and Technology, to strengthen the running of your business.

The services below are endorsed by agencies such as Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), trade bodies like the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), and professional service bodies.


For price information, please contact the respective service providers directly. If you would like to recommend trusted service providers you have worked with, or to be included as a service provider in this listing, please contact the Industry Development Office at The services listed are not endorsed by the DesignSingapore Council, and were updated in October 2020.

Service Providers Category of Service Provided Contact Person Contact No Email
Lee Wenyong Co & Holding Pte Ltd
  • HR
  • Accounting

Lee Wen Yong

Karen Woon



StoneForest Pte Ltd
  • HR
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Secretariat Services
  • IP Management
  • Digital Marketing
Yang Li Lian 6594 7897 yanglilian@
Tricor Singapore Pte Ltd
  • HR
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Secretariat Services
Foo Suan Kit 6236 3426
Edelman Singapore
  • PR
Malini Nathan 6733 1110 / 6494 1570
Tate Anzur
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR

Jocelyn Luw

6568 9159/ 9765 5991

Ella Cheong LLC
  • IP Management
Mark Cheng

6692 5549

  • Digital Marketing
Jayce Tham 97918227
Binomial Pte Ltd
  • Brand consultation and strategy

Tay Kae Fong 

9271 0809
  • Brand consultation and strategy
Eugenia Chin 68164403
  • Brand consultation and strategy

Yong Ng 96849295
  • Brand consultation and strategy

Kimming Yap

6957 5696

  • Brand consultation and strategy
Charlie Scott 6338 6320


The DesignSingapore Council collated this list of service providers that are offering a selection of preferential rates and services. While we have done our best to ensure that these are reputable businesses that provide attractive offers to potential design firms, we urge design firms to exercise their discretion in selecting and working with the service providers herein. The DesignSingapore Council shall not be held responsible or liable in any way for any losses that any design firm or service provider may suffer as a result of a design firm’s decision to engage any of these service providers.

About Edelman Singapore

Edelman is a global communications firm with more than 60 offices delivering the right local expertise wherever brands and businesses tell their stories. The Singapore office, made up of more than 140 communicators, serves as the Asia Pacific hub for its leading global network and for Edelman Intelligence – its integrated research, analytics and measurement division. Together, they work with many of the world’s largest and emerging businesses and organisations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations in the fast-paced and dynamic region.

Edelman ensures that excellence, curiosity and courage are embedded in everything they do – not just for clients and partners, but for its people. It maintains one of the highest retention rates in the market and continues to invest in learning, development and family-first policies.

About Lee Wenyong & Co

Lee Wenyong & Co. provides companies in Singapore with outsourced accounting operations, tax advisory and accounting IT systems and HR operations, manpower labour advisory and HR IT systems. Their accounting responsibilities to clients include accounts receivables data entry for cash, card and invoiced payments, and accounts payables data entry for settlement of suppliers invoices.Their HR responsibilities to clients include assisting with the recruitment process, creating new hire online orientation material, advising on employee relations, work pass application and renewal, administering e-pay, e-leave and e-claims, and conducting on-the-job training.

About StoneForest

Stone Forest provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions to support business growth in Singapore and globally. Its reputation has been built on technical competence, proactive client servicing and a commitment to uncompromising integrity, professionalism and high standards of service. Besides offering a suite of business solutions from business formation to payroll outsourcing, Stone Forest also offers basic to complex accounting and accounting-related requirements of businesses, serving small businesses to large enterprises in value-added accounting services, cloud accounting for small businesses to innovative services such as SWAT Accounting and CFO2SMEs. In addition, the payroll and HR administration solutions and team of experienced professionals have earned this division the reputation of being Singapore’s leading provider of cloud-based and fully managed payroll/HR services and solutions.

About Tricor

Tricor Singapore Pte Ltd ("Tricor") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tricor Holdings Limited. Tricor is the leading business expansion specialist in Asia and a provider of integrated accounting, payroll, corporate secretarial and share registration services. With over 2,400 employees and a network of offices in 40 cities across 21 countries/territories, Tricor maintains a strong presence, especially in Asia. Tricor Singapore currently employs over 350 employees in Singapore, and serves over 6,000 clients, including 130 companies on the Singapore Stock Exchange and over 130 companies on the Global Fortune 1000 List.

About Tate Anzur

Tate Anzur is an independent strategic communications agency dedicated to helping clients connect with stakeholders through genuine engagement. The agency provides integrated communication solutions both locally and internationally. Tate Anzur's services include event creation and management, branding counsel, government relations, strategic communications, corporate communications, media relations, content creation, digital marketing and social media and communications management.

About Ella Cheong LLC

Ella Cheong LLC is a leading specialist IP law firm in Singapore and Asia. We champion the value in your IP, and offer a comprehensive suite of IP services to meet diverse needs along the entire IP value chain. Our expertise ranges from the prosecution and enforcement of trade marks, patents, domain names and registered designs to the development of effective IP strategies for the protection, management and commercialisation of your IP. What matters most is what works.

We consider our services to be professional and of reputable standard. We recognise that excellent client service is a necessity, and it is therefore a key priority of our organisation. We pride ourselves in being client-oriented and customers can rest assured that our staff members are fully dedicated and trained to provide proficient and practical legal services and solutions.

About CreativesAtWork

A media agency supercharged by a curated network of freelance media professionals who cover every consumer touchpoint including digital, social, mobile, broadcast, print, events and out-of-home. With a strong network of media freelancers, CreativesAtWork provides a complete solution to every project owner's media needs and requirements. From corporate branding and graphic design, to video production and post-production, to photography and talents, CreativesAtWork covers the entire chain of media skills.

About Binomial

Binomial is a creative and innovation consulting firm. It helps companies develop clarity and result-oriented strategies to stand out to customers and grow their market share. It focuses on four key areas that it believes will move the needle for businesses – innovation, strategy, people, and branding. Its leaders have decades of experience helping companies from a variety of industries transform and sharpen their brand for sustainable growth.

About Fable

Fable is an award-winning design consultancy based in Singapore. We are strategy-centric and adhere to a design creed that imbues clarity, purpose, and excellence in our work.  Our creative output, which includes compelling brand identities, custom typography, and persuasive campaigns, are extensions of strategic narratives and disciplined artistry.

About Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else is a pocket-sized brand consultancy based in Singapore. It builds brands that listen, acknowledge, and care. Not just about the customer in the transaction, but about the person beyond the interaction. Instead of designing one-off experiences, it cultivates a conversation between your brand and your audience. Together, it can help good ideas become better, and great ideas to multiply.

About Creativeans

Creativeans is a brand and design management consultancy headquartered in Singapore. Since 2012, business leaders have trusted us to solve their strategic and creative challenges: from branding, business design, UI/UX design, packaging design to communication design, across industries and regions. Guided by a systematic approach and methodologies such as BrandBuilder® and EDIT™ Design Thinking, we help SMEs build brands that matter. An ISO 9001:2015 and management certified consultancy, it is committed to continuously improve and excel in its capabilities to make the world a more creative place.

About Tangible

Tangible works with business leaders to create and leverage brands as strategic management tools using insights and data to drive innovation and change. With proprietary frameworks and research platforms to help define a brand’s purpose, Tangible then brings the brand to life through a variety of ways, including Marketing & Communications, People & Culture, Products & Services, and Spaces and Places.

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