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Good Design Research - Resource Partners

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Good Design Research – Resource Partners

Strengthen your Good Design Research projects by collaborating with Resource Partners

Have a proposal in mind, but need extra help to develop your Proof of Concept? Whether it’s boosting your technical capabilities, finding sustainable sources or enhancing accessibility and reach, we have a list of resource partners for you to tap on.

GDR Resource Partners

Company Name & ContactExpertise


A multidisciplinary research laboratory focusing on architecture, science, arts, digital design, and manufacturing. 

Services include:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Prototyping and Concept Development
  3. Proof of Concept and Implementation on-site


Developed a conversational AI technology, ALEF, that overcomes language and communication barriers through automation. Supporting over 30 languages, ALEF can optimise your audio/video content to reach wider audiences more effectively, through an automated process.

Services include:

  1. Audio/Video Content Synchronisation on Major Platforms (eg. Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn)
  2. Subtitling, Transcription and Translation Automation
  3. Audio and Video Localisation Automation
  4. Audio Customisation from a Massive Collection of Background Music
  5. Brand Keywords Customisation
  6. Other Localisation Services


A Singapore-based sustainability-focused start-up with operations in Thailand and Indonesia. They produce end applications from footwears to apparels and furnishings made from pineapple leaf fibers (PALF).

Services include:

  1. Material customisation opportunity
  2. PALF product supply – Ready-to-Spin PALF; and PALF-blended yarns
  3. Expertise in eco-fiber material knowledge
  4. Expertise in sustainable market trends
  5. Global marketing opportunities


A non-profit organisation specialising in technological solutions that empowers the social sector. Their mission is to build a caring and inclusive society with equal
opportunities for everyone.

Services include:

  1. Validation of ideas through user research and design-thinking workshop
  2. Conducting research within the social sector
  3. Development of prototypes and defining testing metrics
  4. Creation of a Minimum Viable Product
  5. Live product support


A one-stop solution hub for various prototyping needs, bridging the gap between design and manufacturing. After understanding your project objectives and requirements, their expertise lies in identifying the best approach that is both cost and resource efficient for your product development.

Services include:

  • Aesthetic Prototypes
  • Functional test Prototypes
  • POC (proof of concepts) Prototypes
  • Beta Prototypes
  • Pre-production Prototypes


Working across industries, Meka supports your prototyping needs across design, engineering and 3D prototyping capabilities. They also offer various partnership models like co-development, equity or paid partnerships to suit your project needs.

Services include:

  1. Concept design and prototyping
  2. Prototype fabrication
  3. Small volume manufacturing for testing
  4. Large volume manufacturing for rollout

Siemens AMTC

A competence centre providing guidance, support and training for industrial grade Additive Manufacturing and other advanced technologies. They can support the development of your prototypes with design and/or fabrication. In the long term, they also have the
capability to commercialise prototypes by developing a viable manufacturing process.

Services include:

  1. 3D Printing (Metal)
    • Material Type: Stainless steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Inconel and other common metals.
    • Ability to personalise and customise prints
    • Functional, and/or aesthetic parts
  2. 3D Printing (Polymer)
    • Possibility of exotic materials with various qualities such as flexible, soft, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion-resistant, ESD safe etc.
    • Ability to personalise and customise prints.
    • Functional, and/or aesthetic parts
  3. 3D Printing of Sand and Ceramics (from July 2021)
  4. 3D CAD Design
  5. Virtual Simulation of Prototypes (structural, acoustics, temperature, flow dynamics tests)
  6. 3D Scan and Reverse Engineering
  7. Training and consultation for all of the above.

ADI Designs Pte Ltd 

ADI is a tech prototyping company based in Singapore. ADI has expertise in robotics, animatronics, wearable tech, augmented reality, medtech, agriculture, AI and IoT. 

Services include:

  • Design and Tech Consulting
  • Product Design
  • Electronics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Apps and Game Development
  • Tech Prototyping

Growth-X Consulting

A student-led consultancy club in Singapore Management University (SMU), managed by SMU-X, that partners local and international clients in projects. Using their problem-solving skills and diverse expertise, Growth-X student consultants aim to provide actionable solutions to their clients’ business challenges.

Services include:

  • Consulting and research services for a range of projects* such as pricing strategy, business expansion plans and product launch strategy
  • Growth-X student consultants will undertake the following:
    • Establish the project scope and deliverables
    • Provide bi-weekly project updates and discuss key findings
    • Present agreed deliverables such as presentation deck and report

*Average project duration of 8-10 weeks

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