National Vending Gallery: Topic No. 3 Peripheral Vision



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06 Mar - 31 May 2021

09:00 AM - 09:00 PM


Design Gallery 2, Level 2

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While we are well able to “look”, as a means to direct our eyes in a particular direction, to "see" requires our vision to work with our imagination to develop an awareness for the thing we are looking at that. A perceptive sense of observation as such is indispensable when we search for purposeful and imaginative insights to inspire, particularly in design research.

National Vending Gallery: Topic No. 3 Peripheral Vision presents a collection of "seeing" documented in the print format. These books demonstrate good peripheral vision, where a single subject is seen through multiple divergent lenses – shifting attention to vision that occurs outside typical points of fixation. By enriching observation with imagination, these thoughtful publications inspire readers to unravel common, yet unapparent attributes of everyday life – from socks, prison food, vegetation, the haze, and even stray cats.

Learn more about the intentions and creative processes behind some of the featured books at the accompanying webinar - The Look and Feel of Things.

Organised by the DesignSingapore Council and supported by the National Design Centre.

This event is part of the National Design Centre’s “Emotive Design” programme line-up for March 2021.

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