NDC December 2021


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01 Dec - 31 Dec 2021

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The Waste Refinery
Date/Time: 6 Nov 2021 - 16 Jan 2022, 9am - 9pm daily
Venue: Atrium, Level 1

It’s something that most of us never give a second thought to. Yet it’s the one thing that might just engulf our lives in the future. It’s about time we do something about waste. From next-generation building materials to extended-wear clothing, from statement homeware to sculptural critiques of the modern lifestyle — come open your mind to the possibilities of waste as an abundant resource.

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Good Design Research: Sandwiched Variable Eggcrate Structure (SVES) by PRODUCE
Date/Time: 15 Dec 2021 - 10 Jan 2022, 9am - 9pm
Venue: Pop-up Gallery, Level 1 and online

The Good Design Research showcase featuring Produce Workshop gives us a glimpse into the future of construction with its prototype. Named the Sandwich Variable Eggcrate Structure (SVES), this newly created form of mass engineered timbre could reduce material used, shorten production lead time, and minimise manhours on-site to create a more efficient, greener, and safer building system. Intrigued? Check it out at NDC.

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