Forager Things



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03 Dec - 06 Feb 2021


National Design Centre, Design Gallery 1 (Level 1)

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The COVID-19 situation makes us question the significance of capitalism that is underpinned by goods of mass manufacture.

Inspired by apocalyptic scenarios (in films) where survivors imaginatively put together essential products by foraging for things around them from ground zero, Forager Things presents two collections of objects that encourages us to recondition our perspectives towards mass produced items - considering a possible future where society has to relearn how to build and connect through analogue means.

Compositional Products brave functional fixedness by gathering existing parts and objects in an unimaginable manner to construct a product, while Experiential Mails imbue sentiments in analogue mails embedded into the physical experience of opening the mail.

Downloadable instruction sheets for each object are available at the exhibition for visitors to try them out!

Make your very own Experiential Mail for the festive season at one of  Forager Thing's accompanying e-Workshops.

Organised by DesignSingapore Council and supported by the National Design Centre.
This event is part of the National Design Centre’s “A Future by Design” programme line-up for December 2020.

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